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Sherwood Forest Capital Management
1649 Brandywine Drive
Charlottesville, Virginia 22901
2013 Sherwood Forest
Mutual Fund Reorganization

As of February 25, 2013, the Sherwood Forest Alternative Fund has been reorganized and is now the Dunham Alternative Strategy Fund. The fund is sub-advised by Market Concepts, LLC (dba mConcepts), previously named Sherwood Forest Capital Management LLC in Charlottesville, Virginia. More information about the Dunham Alternative Strategy Fund can be found at the Dunham & Associates website below.

Dunham & Associates Website
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Market Concepts, LLC (mConcepts), previously named Sherwood Forest Capital Management LLC, is an SEC registered investment advisory firm located in central Virginia. The company serves as the sub-advisor to a mutual fund and offers managed accounts. The company changed its name to mConcepts on February 1, 2013.

mConcepts Website

Contact Information

Please direct all questions and comments to mConcepts at the contact information below:

Joseph McDonald
p: 804.503.0094
e: jmcdonald@sfcmva.com